Praise for Jennifer's Kettlebell Training

I have been working with Jennifer for several months and she is a great trainer.  I was a kettle bell novice and in just a couple months of weekly sessions I saw significant improvements in my fitness, strength, and posture.  From the beginning, Jennifer was able to craft intense workouts while teaching me the kettle bell exercises with proper technique.  I have also been impressed with her extensive knowledge of body mechanics.  With her help I have been able to make steady progress working through some physical limitations without injury.   She combines classic kettle bell and other exercises into a very efficient and intense workout.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my physique and strength have improved.  Jennifer is also great to work with--smart, motivational, and down to earth.  I have referred my wife and my sister-in-law to work with her.  The gym is unpretentious, well equipped, and has free parking.  Jason Harp, Chicago, IL
This is a fantastic class!  Jennifer really takes time to make sure that you are doing the workout safely and effectively.  She is also very kind and highly motivating.  I was amazed at how quickly my body began to take on lean, sculpted lines.  This was particularly helpful for me, because I need immediate gratification to stick with a new fitness routine.  I also felt my energy and endurance improve in my distance running as a result of the kettlebell training.  I love that this is a drop-in class and doesn't require a big cash outlay to get started.   I am one of Jennifer's biggest fans and most grateful clients! Jennifer's kettlebell class is amazing!  Elaine Ruvkin, Chicago, IL

"When I first met with Jennifer, I had been suffering from daily back and shoulder pain for most of my adult life. I had been taking pain medication for about 7 years and had spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy. Also, I had begun having trouble with insomnia and was using sleeping pills most nights. I had always been a sporadic exerciser, and never seemed to be able to increase my stamina or put on muscle. My shoulders and back were so weak, I had trouble opening the heavy glass door to my office building. I was afraid to see a personal trainer because I have never been an athlete and am not at all coordinated. It took me a couple of weeks to work up the nerve to call, but, because nothing else was helping, I finally decided to give it a try.

Jennifer was able to assess my fitness level and start me on an appropriate workout program. We started with body weight exercises and dumbbells, and after a few weeks she showed me the kettlebells. The first time I saw one I was terrified. I said 'I can't lift that thing off the floor let alone swing it around!' Jennifer said, 'You'll be able to.' I'm thinking, 'Yeah right!' Wouldn't you know it...I'm swinging the kettlebells around now. I'm still completely uncoordinated, but Jennifer patiently shows me the moves again and again until I get them right. I won't lie, I was pretty sore for the first couple of weeks! But it was worth it. Over the past several months of training, I have seen so many improvements in my health. I am off all pain medications and I no longer have insomnia. My back and shoulder pain has almost completely subsided and my flexibility has greatly improved. I can see my muscle tone improving and I feel much stronger. I no longer need anyone's help carrying boxes or bags and I don't wake up in pain at night. And I can open the office door all by myself!

Training has had some unexpected benefits too. My confidence has improved and I feel there are less things in life that I simply can't do. Now when Jennifer tells me I'll eventually work up to a larger weight, I think, 'Yes, I will!'" – Cheryl Wade, Chicago, IL

"For the last 20 years, I have had an unhappy and largely unsuccessful relationship with exercising. Knowing that this needed to change, I began working out with Jennifer McGowan in September. After evaluating my general level of fitness, Jennifer designed a workout plan aimed to build strength, improve my endurance, and help me lose weight. For the last 4 months, I have been working out twice each week with kettlebells and the results have been quite impressive. The routines are challenging and fun. Each hour-long session pushes me physically in a manner that I never experienced in the gym. The personal attention to my strengths and weaknesses has allowed me to see actual, measurable results in what I consider to be a short period of time.

Instead of looking for excuses to not exercise, I now look forward to mastering each new and increasingly difficult routine. This has become a secret, little triumph for me. My first successful Turkish Getup made me realize that I could challenge my body and change it. One of the most significant changes I have made in the last 4 months is honoring this time for myself. I no longer make excuses to stay out of the gym and I look forward to my workouts. I have Jennifer's expertise and encouragement to thank for this." – Elizabeth Cunningham, Chicago, IL

"I've been working out with Jennifer for several years. I started when I was pregnant with my second child, she's now 4! Working out with Jennifer is great. Each workout presents new challenges and you see and feel results! Jennifer is very knowledgeable in regards to the physiology and techniques. She frequently participates in continuing education and her knowledge is passed on to the client. Jennifer has recently incorporated kettlebell workouts into our sessions together. The kettlebell work has brought my workout sessions to a new level. Each kettlebell exercise works your entire body and presents a cardio challenge as well. Jennifer's kettlebell sessions provide an intense whole body workout in a short amount of time. The results have been great. I feel my cardio conditioning has greatly improved. My shoulders and arms are very toned and strong.

My legs have increased strength but not increased in bulk. Kettlebell has been especially helpful in my conditioning for ski season. My legs have felt very strong on the slopes this year and I'm able to ski longer and harder runs with ease. Kettlebell work has also challenged my core and abdominal muscles. Kettlebell sessions with Jennifer have been a great addition to our workout sessions. The results have been very pleasing and the work challenging. I highly recommend Jennifer's personal training sessions with the kettlebell. You will be challenged, rediscover muscles, and experience a whole body workout. The results will be positive and your body will look great." – Karmen Serbinski, Chicago, IL

"As a 47-year-old male who works 60+ hours a week, I was becoming increasingly complacent with my daily routine. You all know what that is-wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, then do it all over again. Forget about exercise. Well, Jennifer McGowan and her kettlebells changed all that quickly. Under her professional guidance, I have realized dramatic results not only in my physical health, appearance, and endurance, but also my mental health. Jennifer is truly a dream to work with. I always leave a session (the most prolific exercise I have ever done) feeling extremely successful and thirsting for more-a nice combination. An advocate of Kaizen, she always strives to improve upon the results of a previous session with, of course, acute awareness of her client's safety and comfort." – Tom Mohr, Chicago, IL

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