Women, Don't Be Intimidated By Kettlebells

Kettlebells may look intimating, but don’t let the stark cast iron appearance scare you off. Kettlebells can reshape your body faster and more effectively than hours spent in in the gym on cardio equipment or in traditional group fitness classes.  While proper technique is critical, mastering the technique is not difficult. Moreover, women can often master kettlebell technique faster than men, who are tempted to initially “muscle through” them. For women who have been brave enough to pick up a kettlebell, the rewards have been tremendous.

Chicago's Most Effective Personal Training Workout!

Jennifer McGowan, an RKC certified Russian kettlebell trainer, helps her clients lose fat, increase lean muscle and build better bodies. Through personal training sessions, and group kettlebell classes, Jennifer has helped her clients learn the skills to achieve a lifetime of health and fitness. With an advanced RKC Level II kettlebell certification, Jennifer is one of Chicago's best, most knowledgeable kettlebell trainers.

Why Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebells are some of the most powerful tools for improving your fitness and physique. They combine strength training, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, and flexibility. As a result, you spend less time working out, yet get extraordinary results.

What is number one reason people give for not working out, getting in shape and feeling better? No time. Kettlebells have the power to change this. In only 15 to 20 minutes, and with only one or two kettlebells, you can get a killer, calorie-blasting strength and cardio workout. In addition, you will find your body becomes more resilient and less prone to joint and muscle injury.

Whether you want improved athletic performance, fat loss, or improved mobility, kettlebells quickly and efficiently help you attain your highest goals.

Advantage of RKC Training

The RKC training system remains the undisputed world leader in kettlebell instruction. RKC ("Russian Kettlebell Challenge") kettlebell training focuses on whole body movement instead of muscle isolation. It emphasizes efficient, injury-free joint movement. With this whole body workout, you will get a strong core, sculpted gluts, and defined arms and shoulders. The intensely cardiovascular kettlebell swing, especially in combination with other kettlebell movements, results in quick fat loss and weight loss. The end result is a leaner, stronger, and healthier body.

Why RKC Trainers Are the Best

To achieve an RKC certification, a trainer must complete an intensive hands-on certification process, which includes rigorous testing and a client training evaluation. To ensure professionalism and the highest standards of instruction, each RKC trainer be re-certified (again through rigorous testing) every 2 years. Jennifer received her RKC Level I certification in 2009, and her RKC Level II certification in 2011.

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